June 15, 2013. Today is the one year anniversary of DACA. I still can’t believe that one year ago we were sitting in Obama For America Offices demanding Obama to grant an Executive Order and stop deporting Dreamers.

It’s crazy to think how a bunch of sit-ins by undocumented youth all over the country could contribute so much to getting us a change in legislation.

I’m not going to say or claim that we got everyone DACA because we didn’t. We contributed to the already existing dialogue of the past work done by all these other immigrant activist who have been stopping DREAMer deportations and whatnot. But I will say this, we gave it the push it needed…

Regardless, there is still much work to be done (doesn’t end at DACA) but this seriously will always be one of my fondest memories.

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    I like seeing when young people just like me give it like you said, “the push it needed.”
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